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The Kat - Song Request



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shellieann hocog - Thu 19 Oct - 09:04 AM

along with his favorite song pony-Genuwine... THANK YOU !

shellieann hocog - Thu 19 Oct - 09:03 AM

Hi can i do a birthday shout out to Brucey be'be santati Santos king concepcion hocog valencia from his billing famillia :P

stephen weiss - Wed 11 Oct - 11:14 PM

200th Anniversary of the Birth of Baha’u’llah “Light of the World” Micronesia Mall Theater Like all Prophets, Baha’u’llah lived a life of sacrifice and service. Like Buddha, He was a nobleman who gave up His wealth and power to teach the Word of God. Like Abraham, He was exiled from His exiled from His native land. Like Moses, He guided His community to new understandings for forty years. Like Jesus, He was persecuted and tortured by the leaders of His time. Despite this oppression, He founded a community which is established in more countries than Judaism or Islam and is still growing. His teachings, once considered dangerous, are now recognized as visionary prescriptions for humanity’s survival. The Baha’I community of Dededo is offering to all residents of Dededo and other interested individuals an invitation to the film “Light of the World “ on October 21st at the Micronesia mall theater at 10 am with discussion afterwards. No admission fee. Admission is on a first come first seated basis. On October 22 the movie will be shown again between 10 am and 2:00 pm during a Barbecue at the Dededo Baha’i center which is located on the corner of Marine Corps Drive and Ypao pao Estate road.

Val - Mon 25 Sep - 10:11 AM

Whats up with the Okkodo HS lockdown??!! There were reports of gunshots outside

The Francisco-Sablan Fam - Sat 9 Sep - 07:50 AM

Please wish Remy Taitauge Happy Birthday. From the Francisco-Sablan Family..

anon - Fri 8 Sep - 07:22 PM

ignition remix!

Val - Fri 8 Sep - 08:42 AM

Ghetto Cowboy ~ what a throwback!

****a Chocolate - Tue 5 Sep - 03:02 PM

Please play You're All I Need by Meth and Mary. Love you s_bronson

Thea - Thu 31 Aug - 12:53 PM

C.R.E.A.M. - WuTang please :D

Pauly X - Fri 25 Aug - 07:19 AM

For sure. Thank you Fegurger Fam

Fegurger family - Fri 25 Aug - 07:11 AM

Can you us up with Scream from Michael and Janet :D

Pauly X - Wed 23 Aug - 09:18 AM

Hi Scarlet, we don't have that song. But we'll be getting some of Ariana's other songs soon. Thanks for reaching out

SCARLET - Tue 22 Aug - 11:41 AM

Hi Pauly, may you please play Ariana Grande's "TOUCH IT" ? Thanks s_pauly s_pauly s_pauly

PAULY X - Mon 21 Aug - 09:54 AM

Sure thing

Your #1 Stalker - Mon 21 Aug - 09:29 AM

Panic at the Disco please. Then maybe some Fall Out Boy

Hi - Mon 21 Aug - 08:31 AM

Sure, Thank You

PAULY X - Mon 21 Aug - 08:29 AM

Can I play "kiss me thru the phone" instead? sorry we don't have "Crank That"

Hi - Mon 21 Aug - 08:18 AM

Pauly can you play :D Soulja Boy's Crank That

Kaiser - Mon 21 Aug - 07:16 AM

How about Snoop Dog and Wild and Free

AVID LISTENER - Mon 14 Aug - 01:01 PM

Pls. play Waiting For The End by LP. thanks


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